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周懿舒 xiatou_zhou at hotmail.com
Thu May 28 00:08:14 BST 2015

Hi, ensembl team,
I am a new user of ensembl. I am looking for blast/blat for LEMUR, but  I couldn't find lemur in the species option. Does ensembl supports blast/blat for lemur? 

Thank you

Estelle Chow (Yishu Zhou)

> 在 2015年5月28日,上午6:23,"Konrad Karczewski" <konradk at broadinstitute.org> 写道:
> Hi VEP/Ensembl team,
> At the moment, there exist subroutines to run something when the plugin is instantiated, and then for each annotation, but is there a way to run something once the job has finished? I'm using LOFTEE with MySQL now and DBD sometimes leaves connections open, which is leading to MySQL blocking. I'd love a way to run $db->disconnect() once it's all done. Would it be possible to get something like this into the BaseVepPlugin class? A simple optional subroutine that runs once when VEP finishes would be awesome to have.
> Thanks!
> -Konrad
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