[ensembl-dev] problem git installation bioperl

John Marshall jm18 at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Dec 18 13:06:24 GMT 2014

On 18 Dec 2014, at 12:07, Julien Roux <julien.roux at unil.ch> wrote:
> I wanted to let you know that the installation of bioperl from Git (git clone https://github.com/bioperl/bioperl-live.git) seems to be missing some files, which leads to an error message when using the Ensembl API
> For example folder bioperl-live/Bio/Root/ does not include Root.pm, it includes only a script HTTPget.pm

I imagine this means that the default master branch reflects the ongoing reorganisation of BioPerl into separate distributions, and we'll all want the v1.6.x branch for use with Ensembl for a while yet.  See for example



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