[ensembl-dev] ENSEMBL Genomes installation: AJAX error, Trailing commas

Sharon Wei weix at cshl.edu
Thu Mar 7 20:53:04 GMT 2013

Hi Eugene,

I found a few other js files in eg-plugins/common/htdocs/components/ 
also missing ';' and were causing problems here and there on our test site.
Could you add them in CVS repo so that they won't become a problem in 
the future installation?



On 2/26/13 8:44 AM, ek wrote:
> bacteria plugin fixed as well
> thanks for reporting the issue
> Eugene
> On 2013-02-26 12:49, Rafael Hernández wrote:
>> Hi Ensembl devs,
>> I've installed a local version of Ensembl Genomes release 17 70 and I
>> find some troubles with AJAX webpage refreshing.
>> When I start the httpd process (for example Ensembl fungi), an error
>> message is showed as follows:
>> /usr/local/ensembl_bacteria/htdocs/minified/2726da28aef31bfd2ae4c565379d344e.js.tmp:12878: 
>> ERROR - Parse error. Internet Explorer has a non-standard
>> intepretation of trailing commas. Arrays will have the wrong length
>> and objects will not parse at all.
>> });
>>  ^
>> 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
>> In spite of this error, the httpd process continues and the Ensembl
>> fungi starts. However this error causes that the generated javascript
>> file ("/minified/xxxxxxxxxxxx.js) doesn't work correctly and the
>> webpages never updates after a query (no AJAX refreshing).
>> The cause of this problem is in the new version of the
>> file _/eg-plugins/common/htdocs/components/99_ZMenu.js_ (revision
>> 1.23), a trailing comma that breaks the javascript generation
>> (yesterday this problem was fixed in branch ensemblgenomes-17-70a).
>> Removing this trailing comma, Ensembl fungi, metazoa, plants and
>> protists works, however Bacteria still not working.
>> For bacteria module, the /eg-plugins/bacteria/htdocs/components/
>> directory contains some files used for the _minified _javascript
>> generation_ _and I think that there could be the problem.
>> When I remove the trailing comma
>> in _/eg-plugins/common/htdocs/components/99_ZMenu.js, _2
>> more similar errors are thrown.
>> I'm trying to fix the problem but I can't find the cause. Any idea?
>> Thank you and regards,
>> Rafa Hernández de Diego
>> SLU-Global Bioinformatics Center
>> Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
>> Gerda Nilssons väg 2,
>>  Box 7023, 750 07 Uppsala, Sweden.
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