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Emily Pritchard emily at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Aug 19 10:41:48 BST 2013

Hi Brett

The REST API does not need to be installed. It is simply a number of 
endpoints that can be achieved using simple URLs. You can access these 
URLs and process the data they produce using any programming language 
you wish. There is no need to install anything on your computer (other 
than maybe your programming language of interest) and a VM would be of 
no use. You can learn more here:

Can you send us the URLs that you are trying with VEP + REST, please?

All the best


On 18/08/2013 03:08, Brett Thomas wrote:
> Hey dev -- is there a VM that has the rest API installed out of the box?
> I'm trying to install on a clean ubuntu VM, and can't get VEP + rest 
> to play nice. All of the other endpoints work great, but the vep ones 
> keep failing with a cryptic Catalyst error: "stash takes a hash or 
> hashref"
> I've tried a few different library permutations but can't get it 
> working. If anybody has suggestions about the error above I'd love to 
> hear them - but otherwise, I was hoping to inspect a working version 
> to see what's different.
> Thanks --
> Brett
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