[ensembl-dev] itemRgb="On" and useScore=3 down work together

Dan Sheppard ds23 at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Nov 20 10:37:54 GMT 2012

On 20/11/12 09:52, Andrew Tikhonov wrote:
> Dear Dan,
> 	Yes, the picture in the attachment is what I want. The features overlap and they are visible one through another. I noticed alpha more often than not is a float / double 0 to 1. E.g. 200,0,0,0.5 can you do the double instead of int 0 to 255.
> 	The rationale is the following:
> 	I have features in BED that overlap, I perhaps would like them to not overlap, but they do, and they correspond to meaningful entities on exome / transcriptome. The easiest, nearly no-cost solution that came to my mind was the transparency. Perhaps you could add another solution that would order them accordingly so that they appear in visible order and are clickable. That would be even a better option.
> Regards,
> Andrew

Hi Andrew,

I'll put this into the helpdesk as a ticket (helpdesk at ensembl.org). It 
probably makes more sense for feature requests like this to be over 
there rather than on the dev list.


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