[ensembl-dev] itemRgb="On" and useScore=3 down work together

Dan Sheppard ds23 at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Nov 19 12:17:45 GMT 2012

On 19/11/12 12:04, Andrew Tikhonov wrote:
> Hi Dan, the coloured histograms do look great. The transparency will nicely handle cases where you have overlapping features. In this case, because of transparency, they'll be visible even if they have same color. I think they also need to be clickable, but that's another story. Have I convinced you ?

Hi Andrew,

It's not so much about convincing as trying to understand the proposal.

Are we still talking about Histogram mode here? I've not seen data in 
histogram / score mode which is overlapping and, to be honest. I'm not 
sure what it would do right now!

Is the idea that if you had a BED line which specifies

7 100000 100010 300 255,0,0,100
7 100005 100015 500 0,0,255,100

That you'd get something like the attached

If so, we'd need to check the extent to which the existing behaviour is 
relied upon, what the BED spec says (somewhat), and whether this would 
likely break anything in two areas:

   1. four valued RGBA values;
   2. overlapping features for usescore BED files.

I'll look into it.


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