[ensembl-dev] Failed to add BAM tracks, .bai present, .bam sorted, need detailed error codes

Dan Sheppard ds23 at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Nov 2 12:26:42 GMT 2012

Hi Andrew,

I agree that the errors which you get from failed attachments can be 
irritatingly uninformative. The big issue is our code itself trying to 
work out why they failed. The parsing of file formats is delegated to 
externally maintained modules or executables which themselves often fail 
in a very uninformative way, without good messages (either none at all 
or actively misleading messages). The best we can tell, often, is that 
some eval block failed.

But I think it does make sense, where we can, to display extra info on a 
failure. I'll create a ticket for us to look into improving this where 
we can, but it's often not at all easy to do.


On 02/11/12 11:59, Andrew Tikhonov wrote:
> Hi Beth,
> 	It's a different one. I'm putting the files on the file location, however the web multiplexing software randomly routes the requests between 2 physical instances, which have identical but separate files systems, which results in presence of the files in half of the requests and absence in another half. I've moved the files to a more controlled place and added both file successfully. The original file seems to be sorted as well, which is kinda weird because the file sizes slightly differ, although index files are identical.
> 	As a "would be nice to have" proposal / feedback - would be god to actually see the reason of the error to significantly reduce the investigation / resolution time. Perhaps under a separate "show details" kind of link.
> 	Thanks for the help.
> Regards,
> Andrew

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