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Michael Yourshaw myourshaw at ucla.edu
Fri Jun 15 23:37:56 BST 2012

You need to specify some parameters for the Condel plugin

--plugin Condel,/path/to/VEP_plugins/config/Condel/config,b,2


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On Jun 15, 2012, at 15:04, Koul, Sunita wrote:

> Hi
> I am trying to run Condel using the variant effect predictor using the following command
> perl variant_effect_predictor.pl -i input.vcf --plugin Condel
> I get the error
> Can't locate loadable object for module Win32 in @INC (@INC contains: E:\Perl\variant_effect_predictor\Bio\bioperl-1.2.3 E:\Perl\variant_effect_predictor\Bio\ensembl\modules E:\Perl\variant_effect_predictor\Bio\ensembl-compara\modules
> E:\Perl\variant_effect_predictor\Bio\ensembl-variation\modules E:\Perl\variant_effect_predictor\Bio\ensembl-functgenomics\modules E:\Perl\variant_effect_predictor\Bio\ensembl-variation\modules\Bio\EnsEMBL\Variation\Utils ---
> Any idea why this is happening(I am using Windows to run this tool)
> Sunita
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