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Dear Steve,

Thanks for the response. I note from the online documentation that Unisearch is deemed too slow for cross species queries, so should one still need to stick to the commercial Exalead product for now? In the meantime, please encourage your colleagues to release any related documentation they can, even interim Lucene, i.e. non-Solr, documentation.


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Dear Bob,

Apologies, we don't have any documentation for this I'm afraid - how we provide search has been changing very rapidly (for example we are going to be moving to be using solr over the next few months) and documenting this has taken a back seat. For simplicity I'd advise on configuring your site to use Unisearch, but if you are still wishing to use Lucene I can talk to colleagues in the core Sanger webteam who help us with this service and we can see how we can help



On 02/28/12 10:23, Bob Briscoe wrote:
> Hi All,
> I note from the release notes for e63 that:
> "We intend to provide instructions on how to set up your own Lucene server in a future release."
> Seeing that we're now on e66, have these been published? My search has drawn a blank, so I'd be grateful if someone could point me at them.
> Best regards,
> Bob
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