[ensembl-dev] how to get D.melanogaster and D.virilis alignment from compara

Arnaud Kerhornou arnaud at ebi.ac.uk
Sat Feb 18 09:32:27 GMT 2012

Hi Sergei,

Ensembl Genomes databases are hosted on a different server,
Use our documentation page,

It should point to Ensembl Genomes databases server, mysql.ebi.ac.uk


On 18/02/2012 08:00, Sergei Manakov wrote:
> Hello,
> I went through Compara API Tutorial
> (http://uswest.ensembl.org/info/docs/api/compara/compara_tutorial.html),
> and tried to adopt the example scripts to get the alignment blocks
> between "dosophila_melanogaster" and "drosophila_virilis".
> It seems that "drsophila_virilis" doesn't work in:
> my $this_meta_container_adaptor =
> Bio::EnsEMBL::Registry->get_adaptor("drosophila_virilis", 'core',
> 'MetaContainer');
> So is it possible to get melanogaster and virilis alignment from the
> ensembl? If yes, maybe somebody has a working code for that?
> thanks,
> Sergei
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