[ensembl-dev] Uniprot release / CRC64

Magali Ruffier mr6 at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Jul 5 14:26:53 BST 2011

Hi Sébastien,

Yes, each core, otherfeatures and funcgen databasse has an analysis table.
This table contains an entry for each analysis used in the database, 
with some information about the analysis, for example the program or the 
parameters used.


Sébastien Moretti wrote:
> Thanks Magali.
> I will table a look at this analysis table.
> There is one analysis table per species ?
>> Hi Sébastien,
>> You will not necessarily find it for each species, but in more recent
>> releases, we have tried to include information about the Uniprot and
>> Refseq releases used for each evidence.
>> If you query the databases, you can find this information in the
>> analysis table, for your analysis of interest.
>> We do not store a checksum for protein entries, as the way we retrieve
>> the data can vary and there might not be any.
>> For more recent builds though, you can find a more detailed genebuild
>> documentation which will tell you, for each source of evidence used, how
>> many sequences were retrieved to start with, how many aligned and how
>> many were actually used in the final gene set.
>> Hope that helps.
>> Regards,
>> mag
>> Sébastien Moretti wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> do you store somewhere Uniprot release, and other db releases, you
>>> used for each ensembl release ?
>>> Also, do you store the checksum (CRC64) for protein entries you used
>>> to build an ensembl release ?
>>> Regards

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