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Hi Sebastien, Balazs,

The file that you need to look at (having checked ensembl-website out of the Ensembl CVS) is;

See, in particular, the 'content' method.

I'm not sure how easy it will be to separate the image generation code from the rest; I've never tried.

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On 13 Oct 2010, at 07:51, Sébastien Moretti wrote:

> Hi
> I am also interesting by this topic.
> I have ensembl data and want to localize the Gene Tree image tool into the API.
> The fastest way to get the tool integrated into my web site could be to use the whole ensembl web code. But I am only interested by compara gene families.
> So I want tools related to compara without extra code and extra administrative tasks to maintain it.
> Regards
>> Hi,
>> I'm a beginner developer and I want to integrate the gene tree view provided by Ensembl in our website.
>> Where could I find (in the ensembl API) the files containing the code used for drawing the tree (ie. for generating the image and the HTML map) ?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Balazs Laurenczy
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