[ensembl-dev] Performance Analysis and Hardware Acceleration of VEP.

Muhammad Ali Akhtar muhammadali201 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 14:20:13 BST 2022

Hello Everyone,

This is my first time interacting with the VEP dev team. Just had a
few questions.

1. Are there any studies / reports out there with runtime / performance
analysis of VEP?
2. Have there been any efforts on improving VEP performance? like coding in
different languages (C/C++/) or using different processors (GPUs / FPGAs)?

I ask this because many steps (Like sequence alignment, variant
calling)  in the genome processing pipeline are being targeted for hardware
acceleration but I couldn't find anything on customising / improving VEP
run time. Is it because the runtime of VEP has been short / average even
for most demanding workloads?

Muhammad Ali Akhtar
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