[ensembl-dev] which version of Gene Ontology is used for my query in biomart

Anton Kratz anton.kratz at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 05:33:28 GMT 2020

1.) How can I know which version of Gene Ontology is used for a query that
I do in biomart?

Longer version: I am trying to get all genes annotated to a certain Gene
Ontology term. So I select Dataset --> Human genes (GRCh38.p13), Filter -->
Gene Ontology: GO Term Accession: GO:0050789, under "Attributes" I select
what I want to have back (I only want "Gene Symbol") and then "Results". I
get the gene symbols as expected. But I don't seem to find the information
anywhere which version of GO was used for the query. I want to put that
information into the methods of a manuscript that I am currently working on.

2.) A related question, can I somehow save the query, or describe the query
more formally, to make my query more reproducible?


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