[ensembl-dev] motif features - what's a "good" score?

Julie Sullivan julie.sullivan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 17:11:05 GMT 2019

Hello! I read the blog post
<http://www.ensembl.info/2018/10/15/new-ensembl-motif-features/> but have
some questions about the associated data file

Do you know what p-value was used in MOODS to generate motif feature files?
The MOODS docs give "-p 0.0001" as the example p-value, was that what was

Specifically what I am really interested in how I can filter using the
score in the motif features GFF file. The scores seem to range from -55 to
24 (or so) -- is there a associated confidence range, e.g. "high
confidence" = 20-24? Or a cutoff score? If that makes sense?

Or maybe you have more information as to how I can interpret this score? I
read the MOODS paper which did not describe this score, and only linked to
another paper which I do not have access to.

Thanks so much! :)
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