[ensembl-dev] Genes with identical symbols but different ENSG

Duarte Molha duartemolha at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 16:42:42 BST 2019

Dear Devs

Back in march I asked this question but got no answer.

Since this is still relevant to my work I was hoping I could still get some
clarification regarding this issue:

Could you help me understand why the gene


Has 2 ENSG ids. but they both map to the same external Reference:
ATAXIN 7; ATXN7 [*607640] (MIM gene record; description: ATAXIN 7; ATXN7,)

The Gene with the most transcripts associated with it is:
ATXN7 (Human Gene)
ENSG00000163635 3:63898399-64003453:1

But Overlapping with it you have
ATXN7 (Human Gene)
ENSG00000285258 3:63864557-64003462:1

Would it not make sense to add all transcript to the 1st ID and drop the
This unfortunately is not the only gene where this occurs

For example the HGNC symbol DIABLO is associated with 2 ENSG IDs (also
The same with CCDC39, IGF2, MATR3, PDE11A, RMRP, SCO2, SPATA13 and TBCE

I am sure this is not the only ones where this is true and it creates a bit
of a problem because now I need to be merging distinct entities or choose
between one of the 2 entries as the main entry for that gene symbol.

Your help on why this occurs and any possible solutions as to how to only
select the main one would me much appreciated

Best regards
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