[ensembl-dev] The European Variation Archive RefSNP preview release

Baron Koylass bkoylass at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Jun 11 10:37:01 BST 2019

Dear Ensembl team

The European Variation Archive has been in the process of importing all 
non-human RefSNP (RS) accessioned variants from dbSNP 

The EVA is now happy to announce the preview of the first RefSNP 
release, which includes RS accessioned variants from species such as 
mouse, pig, fruitfly, zebrafish, arabidopsis and more. Before the 
official release is made public, we wanted to select a number of 
individuals whose species of interest is included in the first release, 
and provide them access to these files to determine their functionality 
and suggest improvements.

The release will consist of a collection of files organised by species 
that list all the RS IDs for variants stored in the European Variation 
Archive. The files include current RS accessioned variants in use, 
deprecated IDs, as well as unmapped variants. They can all be found here:


More information regarding the format of the general release can be 
found in the ""README_general_info.txt"", while species specific 
information can be found in ""README_species_issues.txt"".

Please do take a look at the files for your species of interest. We hope 
the variants included, as well as the format they are presented in are 
As we intend to make these releases at regular intervals, any comments 
or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Feedback can be provided using the short survey: 

Many thanks for your time and effort and we look forward to hearing any 
comments you may have.

Baron Koylass
Helpdesk Bioinformation
The European Variation Archive
European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)
Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SD, UK
E: Bkoylass at ebi.ac.uk

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