[ensembl-dev] Missing attributes in BioMart for Ensembl version 90

Thomas Danhorn danhornt at njhealth.org
Thu Aug 24 21:58:57 BST 2017


I noticed that some of the BioMart attributes (specifically in Ensembl 
Genes -> Mouse Genes) available in previous Ensembl versions are missing 
in the current version, e.g. "Status (gene)" (under GENE), 
and "Transmembrane helices" (under PROTEIN DOMAINS AND FAMILIES: -> 
Protein features).

Is the version 90 BioMart still a work in progress, or were these 
attributes removed deliberately?  If the former, when can we expect them 
to be added, and if the latter, why?

Thank you very much for your help!


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