[ensembl-dev] [GSoC] Introduction and Interested Projects.

Kasun Gunasekara kasun32 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 15:49:09 GMT 2016

Hi all,

I am Kasun, a 4th year undergraduate at Informatics Institute of Technology
(IIT) - Sri Lanka studying Software Engineering.

While going through GSoC project ideas page of Ensembl Genome Browser I
came across two ideas which caught my sudden interest "Ensembl Track
Database" and "RESTful Service Description using Third Party Standards". I
would like to get involved in one of these projects and continue to work
with Ensembl for GSoC 2016.

For that can you please let me know which project will be more important to
you, or which project doesn't have a student already looking into it?

I have a basic idea about what needs to be done and I believe I have enough
knowledge to achieve project goals. Also I am very happy to lean and apply
any new technology that is needed to drive this project to success.

I am currently reading more about Ensembl and getting a basic idea around
Ensembl Genome Browser. I will create a project proposal along with a
milestone plan on a project you guys suggest and will submit before the

For some of my experiences,

   1. I've been contributing to WSO2 API Manager [1] and you can see my
   contribution history on GitHub [2].
   2. I worked with Saros [3] for GSoC 2015 and successfully completed my
   project titled "Features for Saros for IntelliJ IDEA" [4].
   3. From the experience I've gained so far I can learn and adapt to new
   technologies very quickly.

Please provide me with additional details to continue further.


[1] http://wso2.com/api-management/
[3] http://www.saros-project.org/
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