[ensembl-dev] Some general questions about ensembl's data and REST-Api

Fin Swimmer ensembl at need-login.de
Wed Feb 24 10:12:42 GMT 2016

Hello Magali,
thanks for your quick answer.

Am 23.02.2016 17:45, schrieb mag:
> 1. As long as our default assembly is GRCh38, the sequence for a
> specific region will be stable.

> 2. Disease information like Orphanet or MIM morbid are better accessed
> via the Phenotype tab on the gene page
> for example:
> http://www.ensembl.org/Homo_sapiens/Gene/Phenotype?db=core;g=ENSG00000139618;r=13:32315474-32400266
> We are currently figuring out the best way to retrieve and display
> this data, hence some links might be missing.
> MIM gene links will remain accessible from the external references tab.
Ok, thanks for this hint. But it doesn't explain why for some genes the 
MIM morbid links are missing.

> 3. The /overlap endpoint can return most Ensembl features overlapping
> your region or feature of choice.
> This includes karyotype band information.
> You can input a gene id, or a whole chromosomal region.
> For example:
> http://rest.ensembl.org/overlap/id/ENSG00000157764?feature=gene;content-type=text/xml;feature=band
> or
> http://rest.ensembl.org/overlap/region/human/7:140424943-140624564?feature=gene;feature=band;content-type=text/xml
Nice. Where can I fnd out more about which features are available? So 
the "band" feature isn't mentioned in the doc of the API.

> 4. This is a bug we only recently uncovered, apologies about the 
> inconvenience.
> Luckily, it is now fixed and will be rolled out with our new release,
> 84, scheduled for early March.
That sounds very good.

fin swimmer

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