[ensembl-dev] Some general questions about ensembl's data and REST-Api

Fin Swimmer ensembl at need-login.de
Tue Feb 23 10:05:36 GMT 2016

i have some general questions about ensembl's data and some concerning 
the REST-Api.

1. The human sequences in ensembl are based on GRCh38. So can I be sure, 
that the sequence for a specific region will be stable as long as 
ensembl uses GRCh38? Or can there be minor changes in sequence or 
counting the position over the time?
2. I found out that for some genes there are no entries under external 
references for the diseases linked to gene to omim ("MIM morbid"). E.g. 
BRCA2 or FBN1. Why?
3. Is there a way via REST-Api to find out on which arm of the 
chromosome a gene is located? I fear not, because I cannot find this 
information on the ensembl webpage as well.
4. Is there a reason why I cannot receive information about the 
translation, if I use the lookup/id endpoint for a transcript id, but 
for a gene id I can?

Thanks for a reply.

fin swimmer

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