[ensembl-dev] New species in Ensembl Genomes Metazoa

James Allen jallen at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Feb 16 10:06:13 GMT 2016

Essentially, we're happy to consider any species; please get in touch with any specific requests.

In more detail:
As with all the Ensembl Genomes divisions, the assembly should be stored in the INSDC archives. It'd be nice if the genes were in the archives too, but that's rarely the case for metazoa, and we usually load from GFF3 files. We would do some basic QC on the gene set, mostly to ensure that it would be straightforward to load; if not, then we can highlight any problems to the annotators (but it's beyond the scope of our project to fiddle too much with gene sets, except in cases where we have an explicit collaboration).

There's a lot of new species in the upcoming release (in mid-March): http://ensemblgenomes.org/info/release/31. If your species of interest isn't in that list, please let us know. In general, the best way to request a species for inclusion is via helpdesk: http://www.ensembl.org/Help/Contact, but in this case, please feel free to reply to me.


On Mon, 15 Feb 2016 14:04:18 +0100
Sébastien Moretti <sebastien.moretti at unil.ch> wrote:

> Hi
> I wonder what are the requirements for a new species to appear in 
> Ensembl Metazoa.
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