[ensembl-dev] Gene symbols mapping to multiple Ensembl gene IDs

Michael Maguire mmaguire at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Apr 27 15:55:52 BST 2015

Hi Ensembl
A number of HGNC gene symbols map to multiple Ensemble gene IDs. For 
example, gene symbol "APOM" maps to these Ensembl gene IDs:
ENSG00000224290 ENSG00000235754 ENSG00000204444 ENSG00000231974 
ENSG00000206409 ENSG00000227567 ENSG00000226215

I would like to know which of these relates to the reference assembly. I 
have used the Perl API to look at APOM IDs listed above. Judging by the 
"seq_region_name" value in the gene info hash returned by the gene 
method "summary_as_hash()" appears to be one I need is 
"ENSG00000204444". I have tried the gene "is_reference()" method but it 
returns 0 and a warning for all these IDs.

Is there a method to return this information?

Thank you

Michael Maguire

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