[ensembl-dev] Question regarding UTR retrieval from database

Duarte Molha duartemolha at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 13:40:25 BST 2015

Dear Developers

Please consider the transcript :


I am trying to retrieve the coordinates of UTR regions of this transcript
To this end I have a script that basicaly starts with the transcript
feature object $transcript

my $five_prime  = $transcript->five_prime_utr_Feature;

$feature_params->{start} = $five_prime->start;
$feature_params->{end}  = $five_prime->end;

However, in this case the script will output the coordinates from the start
of the 1st non_coding exon to the end of the non-coding portion of the 3rd
exon (chr1 7772707 7777171).
How can I change this so that the script will only output the coordinates
of the non-coding exon portions?

In this case I would like to output:

chr1 7772707 7773198
chr1 7773442 7773511
chr1 7777160 7777171

This there a simple way of achieving this?

Many thanks

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