[ensembl-dev] Established RefSeq annotation missing

Luke Goodsell Luke.Goodsell at ogt.com
Fri Apr 10 10:16:45 BST 2015

Hi munificent EnsEMBL developers,

I have found that both RefSeq transcripts for SERPINA2P (NM_006220 and NR_110563) are not listed in EnsEMBL despite being present in RefSeq since before February 2014, and available in other databases.

Looking through the EnsEMBL mailing list archives, a similar issue was encountered before (http://lists.ensembl.org/pipermail/dev/2014-February/009822.html). Perhaps you could contact the NCBI folks to address the missing data in the files that they are providing?

Is this the reason why these transcripts are not present, or is there something else I have overlooked?

Kind regards,

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