[ensembl-dev] difference between refseq_import and refseq_human_import

Kiran Mukhyala mukhyala at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 06:00:00 GMT 2014

Hello Ensembl!

There are multiple gene sets imported from RefSeq in the human
other_features database in e77.

>*select analysis_id,logic_name,source,count(*) from gene join analysis
using (analysis_id) group by source*

*analysis_id    logic_name    **  source        **  count(*)*
8359    ccds_import            ccds            30493
8358    estgene                ensembl         30287
8166    refseq_human_import    refseq          26652
8360    refseq_import          BestRefSeq      27398
8360    refseq_import          Curated Genomic    26
8360    refseq_import          Gnomon           5363

I am interested in the gene models imported from RefSeq using GRCh38
reference assembly excluding the alternate loci. It looks like genes from
'BestRefSeq' include alternate loci while genes from 'refseq' don't.

Could you please explain what the the difference between them are?

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