[ensembl-dev] missing transcript

Nathalie Conte nconte at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Jul 24 15:31:55 BST 2014

Hi Dev team,

In Ensembl, there is only one protein coding transcript for Fign gene: ENSMUST00000131615


The ATG is here in exon-2.

 However, historically there has been a second protein coding annotated in Ensembl, ENSMUST00000166144, which has been removed at some point. For this second transcript the ATG starts in the last exon (in frame and 33 bp downstream of the ATG in exon-2)


There seems to have biological evidence that this second transcript exist and it would be therefore very useful to understand as to why this transcript has been removed and is not considered protein coding by Ensembl any more.

Thanks for any info,

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