[ensembl-dev] Using REST variation endpoint to find SNP name from synonym

Paolo Cozzi paolo.cozzi at itb.cnr.it
Mon Dec 1 13:20:23 GMT 2014

Dear developers,

I'm using EnsEMBL REST API to retrieve informations using 
"variation/:species/:id" endpoint, more precisely I need to retrive the 
SNP name starting from "Pig SNP Consortium" synonym. I saw that I cannot 
retrieve information for some id like H3GA0032554, DRGA0015483, ... even 
if I can search them in ensembl site. However, I saw that all of those 
SNPs have problems like more locations, no position in the current 
assembly ans so on.

Does the REST server variation endpoint gives information only for NON 
problematic SNPs? And if so, How I could retrieve SNPs name from a 
synonym in a programmatic way?

Thank you for your support,



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