[ensembl-dev] VEP - method to verify the result

binit treesa binit.treesa at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 06:53:02 GMT 2013

Hi Will McLaren,

I have 300+ varaiant files, each file contains 10 Lakhs of variants. So I
automated the VEP run on these files with a small script and it will launch
7 VEP run in parallel. Last day, the entire VEP run got finished. Usually I
get the result file with the size > 1000 MB. But this time some of files
(nearly 10 ) are of the size 800 / 700 MB. I suspect the VEP run on these
file is not completed.

Is there any way to verify these result so as to ensure the run is

Thanks in advance,
Treesa Binit
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