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Hi Sébastien,
Apologies, after further investigation with my colleagues from the core team, it seems that REST is also querying the external_synonym table to also include the synonyms whereas we don't currently provide these in BioMart. Do you think that this would be a useful addition for you? If so, we can add this information for a future release. 

On 9 Nov 2012, at 13:31, Moretti Sébastien <sebastien.moretti at unil.ch> wrote:

> Here is an example:
> From http://beta.rest.ensembl.org/xrefs/id/ENSG00000157764?content-type=application/xml I can see several synonyms for BRAF in EntrezGene and HGNC Symbol sections. E.g. BRAF1
> From Biomart 7 or 8, BRAF1 is never there.
>> Hi Sébastien
>> The External attribute section of Biomart contains all the cross references that you can get via REST. These can be classed as synonyms or external references. You should be able to obtain the same information from both resources. I hope that is clear, but if you have an example query, I am happy to illustrate this.
>> Regards
>> Rhoda
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