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Rhoda Kinsella rhoda at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Nov 9 09:54:34 GMT 2012

Hi Sébastien
To answer the second part of your question, you can get gene and protein external references from both the REST service and BioMart. In BioMart, if you look at the Attributes->Features page and go to the External section, you will see the list of sources for which we have external references.
I hope that helps,

On 9 Nov 2012, at 09:29, Moretti Sébastien <sebastien.moretti at unil.ch> wrote:

> Hi
> I wonder if we can submit a list of identifiers in your REST service instead of a single identifier.
> This way we could submit a dataset as in BioMart, and also decrease the number of HTTP requests.
> Also is there a way to get gene/protein name synonyms in BioMart ?
> The REST service can but I cannot figure out how to get them in BioMart.
> Regards
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