[ensembl-dev] Ensembl ID History Converter (IDmapper.pl) API Mapping Score Column

ktaylor at ebi.ac.uk ktaylor at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Jun 7 19:17:05 BST 2012

I'll catch this question for Andy.

> Thanks Andy, that is great!
> Though I am a little confused about some results where the score is "0".
> For example, with the example input included with the api (./IDmapper.pl
> -s human -f idmapper.in), one of the results is:
> Old stable ID, New stable ID, Release, Mapping score
> ENSG00000137361.1, ENSG00000137361.1, 3, 0

The mapping score of zero actually implies that no alignment had to be
run, so there is no score. This happens when the mapper discovers
something exactly where it expects it to be, and skips the alignment.

Scores of 1 are possible, but generally these are moppped up by the
pre-alignment checks.



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