[ensembl-dev] Runtime Error in component "EnsEMBL::Web::Component::Gene::Summary [content]"

Dan Sheppard ds23 at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Feb 22 15:42:58 GMT 2012

Hi again Bob,

Steve has also just pointed out to me that you might have old packed 
files lying around which might internally refer to VEGA44, having been 
generated when the .inis had this old value.

If you delete conf/config.packed and conf/packed/*.packed and do a 
ctrl_scripts/restart_server -r this will regenerate them (but could take 
a long time).

In general, if you change a config you will need to delete and 
regenerate the corresponding (or, safer but much slower, all) packed 
files, to pick the change up.


On 22/02/12 15:21, Dan Sheppard wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> Your initial error:
> MSG: Cannot project to unknown coordinate system [chromosome VEGA44]
> suggests that it was looking for Vega release 44, not release 45 which
> is in your database.
> This is definitely indicitive of a VEGA44 hanging around in a config
> somewhere. I'd be tempted to grep for VEGA44 everywhere in your tree and
> eliminating them. Maybe another ini file is overriding the one you found
> VEGA45 in?
> Dan.
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