[ensembl-dev] Newbie: Possible to use Condor instead of LSF with Blast?

Giulietta gspudich at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Feb 7 16:33:57 GMT 2012


Apologies for the delay.
Thanks for your message. We don't have experience with with systems 
other than LSF. I did talk with some of the developers on the project 
and they suggest that Lava might be sufficient, but as this hasn't been 
tested, we are unsure.

I hope this helps and best of luck with your project.


On 13/01/2012 10:23, Martin Steele wrote:
> Hi All,
> I notice from the file ${ENSEMBL_ROOT}/ctrl_scripts/start_server that 
> an LSF installation is expected, i.e.:
> my $cmd = ". /usr/local/lsf/conf/profile.lsf;" if -e 
> '/usr/local/lsf/conf/profile.lsf';
> I would like to use a different batch system if possible, namely 
> Condor, and I notice that there's a company that offers such a service 
> commercially, so it should be possible. However, I can't find any 
> online resource describing how to perform the switch. Does anyone on 
> this list know how to, and would they care to share the information?
> Failing that, is Platform Lava (LSF's watered-down free version) a 
> suitable alternative?
> TIA,
> Bob
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