[ensembl-dev] two programming / informatics jobs in Hinxton, Cambridge

Vivek Iyer vvi at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Apr 9 11:26:56 BST 2012


We currently have two software developer / informatics jobs open at the WTSI in Hinxton, Cambridge:

A job concentrating on web interfaces (driven in javascript) with perl / relational back-ends:

A job concentrating on Ruby applications: some traditional rails, some service-back ends (written with Sinatra):

FYI: We are the High Throughput Gene Targeting Team at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. The lab we support works on a number of international projects, creating mutant embryonic stem cells used in the study of gene function. The software we write supports all aspects of this process, from the initial design of gene-knockouts, to the delivery of mutant molecular structures to end-users, to world-wide tracking of mutant allele production. 

We need good people. If you are interested, the details are available at the links above. You are welcome to contact me with informal questions.



Vivek Iyer
High Throughput Gene Targeting
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
vvi at sanger.ac.uk
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