[ensembl-dev] Fwd: wget/curl access to ftp data among other frustrations

Daniel Hughes dsth at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Oct 31 21:23:06 GMT 2011

sorry, but what's wring with recursive wget? e.g. wget -r
worked without any problems whatsoever for me 1 min ago.

> This gives people no idea which gene-build this gtf represents bc AgamP3
> refers to a genome assembly version NOT a gene-build.
> actually neither is the 62 you mention. I can tell you that what is in
there is AgamP3.6 (the same as is on the VectorBase site - the actual
maintainers of this genome) and what is live in GenBank is AgamP3.5 (they
are still processing Agam3.6). The 62 you refer to is the database schema
version and has nothing to do with gene-build version. An additional point
is that all databases within a release are based upon the same database
schema so there really is little need for that information in the database
name. If you want the genebuild version the correct place to look is in the
meta table.

Hope that helps!


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