[ensembl-dev] Ensembl genes 62 GO external references

Christian Pérez-Llamas christian.perez at upf.edu
Tue May 17 11:46:00 BST 2011


Before the 62 release for the homo sapiens dataset there were external 
references for GO BP, MF and CL separately. But now I only see external 
references for BP, or at least this I guess as all the attribute names 
end with "(bp)". Have they been merged into one and then the (bp) prefix 
is a mistake or MF and CL are missing ?

I was looking in the mailing archive for the lasts months and I didn't 
find anything related, sorry if it was already asked for, I just joined 
the mailing list.

And the last question, does "GOSlim GOA" refer to the generic GO slim 
developed by GO consortium in 
http://www.geneontology.org/GO_slims/goslim_generic.obo ?

Christian Perez-Llamas

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