[ensembl-dev] BLAST setup

Dr Jane Mabey Gilsenan jane.gilsenan at manchester.ac.uk
Thu May 12 22:21:16 BST 2011

Dear All

I currently have a website for Aspergillus data set up with Ensembl_59/ 
EnsemblGenomes_6. I would like to install Blast and have BLASTView  
running but I can't find any documentation on this - correction - I  
have found some but it seems to be for an older set up. Can anyone  
point me in the direction of more recent documentation or advise me on  
how to set it up?

Many thanks

Dr Jane Mabey Gilsenan
Research Associate in Bioinformatics

Education & Research Centre
University Hospital of South Manchester
Manchester M23 9LT
United Kingdom

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