[ensembl-dev] Ensembl API workshop Cambridge 1-3 December 2010

bert at ebi.ac.uk bert at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Sep 21 13:10:50 BST 2010

Hello all,

>From Wednesday December 1st till Friday December 3rd 2010 we will give
another Ensembl Developers workshop at the Genetics Department of the
University of Cambridge in the UK. This 3-day workshop will cover the
Ensembl Core API as well as the Functional Genomics, Variation and Compara
APIs and will be given by experts of the respective Ensembl teams.

For the workshop some experience with coding in Perl is required. There
are no costs for the workshop (and organiser David Judge will even provide
lots of free coffee, tea, orange juice, water, cookies, fruit etc. to keep
going ....).

After coding the whole day, we will also be happy to show you some of the
pubs in Cambridge, e.g. the famous (but touristy) "Eagle", the place where
Francis Crick interrupted patrons' lunchtime on 28 February 1953 to
announce that he and James Watson had "discovered the secret of life"
after they had come up with their proposal for the structure of DNA.

To register for this workshop, please go to:

(Note that the description of the workshop at the moment still says that
three of the four APIs will be covered. This is incorrect as they will all
four be covered!)

If you have any questions about the workshop you can mail me at
bert at ebi.ac.uk.

Cheers from sunny Hinxton,

Bert Overduin, Ph.D.
PANDA Coordination & Outreach

EMBL - European Bioinformatics Institute
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 1SD
United Kingdom


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