[ensembl-dev] Getting variation consequence predictions without perl

Jared Nedzel jnedzel at broadinstitute.org
Tue Sep 14 12:04:26 BST 2010

We wrote a Java application that reads the Ensembl database directly, 
using Hibernate.  The database schema has excellent naming conventions, 
so it is reasonably easy to navigate.  Unfortunately, the schema itself 
has changed significantly over time, so this results in a large 
maintenance burden.

On 9/14/10 6:22 AM, Asraniel wrote:
> i'm developing java app and i access the ensembl data trough biomart. Works
> great, thanks for that api.
> Now, is there a way to get the variantion consequence prediction without using
> perl? i didn't find a way trough biomart.
> Thank you
> Beat Wolf

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