[ensembl-dev] installing perl api and its dependency on bioperl

Andreas Kahari ak at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Oct 29 11:52:10 BST 2010

Hi Andrea,

As Jan says.  We can guarantee that the Core API (and others) work
without fail (as far as BioPerl is concerned) with release 1.2.3 of
BioPerl since that's what we use when we develop the APIs, but we can
not (yet) give any guarantees if you're using any other version of
BioPerl.  It might work fine, but we can't promise.

If you have a need for using the latest BioPerl (or any other version
than 1.2.3), then I suggest working with two checkouts of BioPerl and
then managing, with "use lib" (see "perldoc lib"), the version of
BioPerl that you use in the different parts (modules/scripts) of the


On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 11:22:22AM +0100, Jan-Hinnerk Vogel wrote:
> Hi Andrea,
> if you're using the ensembl-analysis or ensembl-pipeline code, we
> recommend strongly to use bioperl 1.2.3
> Regards,
>                  Jan
> On 28 Oct 2010, at 13:57, Andrea Edwards wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >Just a quick question - on the installation instructions for
> >ensembl perl api it says to install bioperl 1.2.3. Does it have to
> >be that specific version of bioperl or anything later than that?
> >
> >thanks
> >
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