[ensembl-dev] gene centred info via slices

Ma, Man Chun John manchunjohn-ma at uiowa.edu
Tue Oct 12 18:07:59 BST 2010

This would probably cause problems for methods that indirectly call
Slice::get_all_Genes (such as Feature::get_all_overlapping_Genes) since
we cannot pass parameters to Slice::get_all_Genes. Even the change to
the code is minimal (from $feature->get_all_overlapping_Genes to
$feature->feature_Slice->get_all_Genes), I cannot estimate the effect on
the memory footprint of the Slice called this way...


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On Mon, Oct 11 2010, Felix Kokocinski <fsk at sanger.ac.uk> wrote:

> >>my $slice_adaptor = $registry->get_adaptor($spec, 'Core', 'slice');
> >>  foreach my $slice (@{$slice_adaptor->fetch_all('toplevel')}){
> >>    foreach my $gene (@{$slice->get_all_Genes}){
> >>      foreach my $transcript (@{$gene->get_all_Transcripts}){
> >>          foreach my $exon (@{$transcript->get_all_Exons}){
> >>            ####get transcript, UTR, exon, and intron start and end 
> >>in cDNA coordinates and genomic coordinates
> >>        }
> >>      }
> >>    }
> >>}
> >
> >If you are only interested in one biotype eg. protein-coding then you

> >could modify your gene-fetch query like:
> >
> >foreach my $gene (@{$slice->get_all_Genes(undef, undef, undef, undef,

> >'protein_coding')}){
> just to add to this: For specific biotypes you could also do:
> $genes = $slice->get_all_Genes_by_type($type);

probably the most important performance optimisation would be to set
argument 3 for get_all_Genes() to a true value. since you are looping
over all transcripts, you should turn off lazy-loading.




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