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ambrose andongabo (RRes-Roth) ambrose.andongabo at bbsrc.ac.uk
Wed Jul 28 09:48:42 BST 2010

Dear all ,
                I downloaded lav2axt because I could not find lavToAxt.  The parameter list for the lav2axt I downloaded is as follows

lav2axt: usage: lav-file human-genomic-seq [N=region-name] [D=cdb-directory] [F=fasta-directory]

and that of lavToAxt used in ensembl-compara  is as follows

system($self->lavToAxt, $lav_file, $query_nib_dir, $target_nib_dir, $axt_file)

The problem I have is that I get an error while running  chain-net. I will be please if somebody can tell me where I can get the executable for lavToAxt .

Many thanks in advance



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