[ensembl-dev] translation question GTG --> Methionine?

Julie Sullivan julie.sullivan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 09:08:32 GMT 2021

The first codon is GTG. I would not have expected that to be Methionine.

I looked in the text files, and there are 123 of these transcripts where
the start codon is NOT ATG but the aa is M, in Homo sapiens.

{'error': 0,
 'methionine': 91434,
 'GTG': 22,
 'ATA': 10,
 'CTG': 67,
 'ACG': 8,
 'TTG': 9,
 'ATT': 5,
 'AAC': 1,
 'AAG': 1}

Why is that?

Specifically I would like a rule I can use, as my HGVSp strings are
different from VEP for this reason.

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