[ensembl-dev] GSoC 2021: Deep Learning for Homology inference

Shlok Rana shlokrana110053 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 15:50:33 BST 2021

Hello Mentor,
My name is Shlok I am a second year undergraduate student majoring in
Computer Science from the Maharaja Surajmal Institute Of Technology. I have
a profound knowledge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning and I am
currently working on improving it.
My inference of this project is :
1. Get deep into the concepts of the homology relations between a pair of
2. Based on the nature of available data do some Hyperparameter Tuning.
3. Improved training strategies of the existing neural Network.
4. If there is a need to increase or decrease layers of the Neural Network
then            make necessary changes in it.
5. Get deep into the study of the homology relations between the distantly
             related species.
6. After getting the good knowledge of homology relations between
distantly            related species and getting some good features or
either by combining them      to make new features and checking the
correlation matrix.

If there are any changes that you would like to comment on, please give me
an update regarding this email.
Please take a look at my draft proposal for GSoC. I have a profound
interest in biology(medical sciences) problems which can be solved using
Deep Learning and Neural Networks.

Best Regards
Shlok Rana
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