[ensembl-dev] GRCH37 archive

Wolf Beat Beat.Wolf at hefr.ch
Thu May 28 10:36:33 BST 2020


i have a question about the ensembl Grch37 archive:


My question is, is this a stable archive? For a very long time i have been looking for a stable archive that is more up to date than the february 2014 version, and i'm very happy to see that now there is one!

But what i'm worried is that this is not actually a stable archive, as there is no version name or date in the URL. Does this mean, that this archive will be updated periodically going forward?

I'm asking because i'm in the usecase where i need a stable endpoint of ensembl where i'm sure the API will not change. For the Grch38 version i can periodically update my code to support the latest versions, as there are fixed stable archive versions. Until now that was not possible will Grch37.

So in short:

Is  the https://grch37-archive.ensembl.org/index.html archive stable, or will the version (99) behind that URL change from time to time?

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Beat Wolf

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