[ensembl-dev] Domain annotation via REST API

Leila Alieh alieh.leila at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 18:07:36 BST 2020

Dear all,

Using the REST API service of Ensembl I retrieved several domain that
overlap my transcripts of interest, and I have now a series of domain
entries from different databases, such as PROSITE, SMART and PFAM. I have
some questions though, regarding domains classification:

   1. I am not able to find a list of identifiers and corresponding
   description, so to understand what a domain entries stands for I am
   checking manually. I can not believe there is not a simpler and more
   efficient way, but I was unable to find it so far, so please if someone
   know how to do so, share with me
   2. for what I understood, strictly speaking a domain is a protein
   sequence able to fold-itself into a 3D structure that defines its function.
   In the "domains" annotated in the protein databases there are also
   not-structured signatures, i.e. disordered regions. In some cases they are
   easy to identify, such as "low complexity regions", but aren´t also other
   "domains", such as  "Ser-rich regions" disordered? Is there a fast way to
   distinguish among the 2?

Thanks a lot!


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