[ensembl-dev] perl API archives version 95

Tiago Grego tgrego at ebi.ac.uk
Fri May 24 20:59:19 BST 2019

Dear Olivier,

Indeed the FTP site only has the tarball of the current perl API.
To use any other version you can use git instead of the tarball.
The following url provides the instruction for downloading and changing 
branches (in this case release/95 can be used).

Best regards,

I recommend you install only the API

On 2019-05-24 18:49, ARMANT Olivier wrote:
> Dear Ensembl dev list,
> I have installed and run successfully the perl API locally with
> ensembl-core and compara version 95. However I have a warning message
> telling that ensembl-cor is version 95 and the API version is version
> 96 (current).
> I  downloaded the API from the archives 95 but I realise that the
> provided ftp link points towards:
> ftp://ftp.ensembl.org/pub/ensembl-api.tar.gz
> which seems to be the current release 96 and NOT the version 95
> I do not find another perl API specifically for the version 95
> Sorry if this question was already raised but I do not find a clear
> answer.
> Could you please help me with this matter?
> Cordially
> Olivier ARMANT
> Cadarache
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