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Thibaut Hourlier thibaut at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Jul 31 11:19:50 BST 2019

Hi Ramiro

Ensembl ID and stable id are the same id. We will have a look at how we can rephrase the two documents to try to remove the ambiguity.

The list of entities is correct in the FAQ and https://www.ensembl.org/info/genome/stable_ids/prefixes.html. The document https://www.ensembl.org/info/genome/stable_ids/index.html refers to the stable ids and versioning of genes, transcripts, proteins and exons, this is why they do not have all the entities.


> On 30 Jul 2019, at 16:02, Ramiro Magno <ramiro.magno at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Devs,
> I have two questions about Ensembl identifiers:
> (i) Ensembl ID and Stable identifiers are the same concept?
> https://www.ensembl.org/Help/Faq?id=488
> https://www.ensembl.org/info/genome/stable_ids/index.html
> In one case the version suffix seems to be purposefully left out, so I am not sure if by stable you mean without the id version suffix, and whether you reserve the general expression "Ensembl ID" for the five part identifier.
> (ii) What are the entity types referred by these IDs? Is it just the four entities (gene, transcript, protein and exon) as described here https://www.ensembl.org/info/genome/stable_ids/index.html or are there more entities as hinted here https://www.ensembl.org/Help/Faq?id=488 (e.g., FM, protein family, R, regulatory feature and GT, gene tree)? 
> Many thanks!
> Ramiro
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