[ensembl-dev] Ensembl REST API | Documentation for returned JSON objects

Ramiro Magno ramiro.magno at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 16:10:10 BST 2019

Hi Devs,

Is there documentation on the variables returned in JSON responses?

For example:


Returns a JSON object of 9 variables:

- id
- latest
- type
- version
- release
- is_current
- assembly
- peptide
- possible_replacement

While some of them self-explanatory, others it is not obvious to me what
the exact meaning and what kind of values I might encounter. For instance,
"is_current", seems to be coded as "1" or "0"? Where "1" means current? Not
sure what "peptide" means either, most examples I tried gives NULL; not
sure what "possible_replacement" means too.

Many thanks, RM
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